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Spikeball Pro Kit

Attributes: The Pro Kit is the official kit played at tournaments. It has a heavier frame and heavier legs. 

Best for: People who are after a longer-term value for money purchase and those who want to experience the best of Roundnet. Oh, and future World Champions.

Gameplay: The Pro Kit delivers the best gameplay available. Being a heavier kit it doesn't move even during some of the most powerful spikes. 

Compare: Click here to check out this clip on YouTube: Spikeball Pro Kit versus Original Spikeball Kit

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Original Spikeball Kit

Attributes: Ah the Original! Perfect place to start out. 

Best for: Top-notch gift givers, entry-level players and people who are after a high-quality product but not ready to go Pro (yet). 

Gameplay: All the elite players today started playing on this kit. This is the kit that is responsible for the global reach of the sport. What are we saying? If this is the start of your journey, you won't be disappointed. 

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Spikeball Rookie Kit

Attributes: This kit is quite a bit larger and sits higher off the ground. The ball is also much larger and easier to catch, throw and hit. 

Best for: This kit suits a younger audience, usually early to middle Primary School aged children. 

Gameplay: Being a larger kit it is easier to fit more players around the net which allows for different game modifications and activities. 

Compare: Click here to check out this clip on YouTube: Spikeball Rookie Kit versus Original Spikeball Kit

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